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In probate litigation matters, a personal representative, beneficiary, family member, potential heir or disinherited child can find themselves involved in hotly contested and complex litigation. The outcome of these cases often has significant and lasting repercussions to the families and parties involved.

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Why we're different

You may think you know estate planning, or maybe even already have a will or power of attorney document drawn up.
  •  Flat fees
Nothing we do is billed on an hourly basis. Everything we do is billed flat fee, agreed to in advance, so there are no surprises.
  • Continual support
That means, if you are at the bank and call our office to get a quick answer about how to title an account, you don't have to leave the bank and return on another day because there was no one available to answer your question for hours or days.
  • Planning that never goes stale
Once you sign your planning documents, that is when the relationship really begins. At no additional charge, we review your plan at least every three years.

Our Process

Build your legacy!

We help families an individuals protect their assets, create wealth, and build legacies they can be proud of.

Express your wishes!

We use estate planning to document your wishes regarding your personal, financial, and even emotional assets.

Protect your assets!

You’ve worked hard. Let us help you protect it.

Counselor. Teacher. Advocate.

Attorney Ada A. Davis is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center. For more than fifteen years she has practiced law in the New Jersey and New York areas, including working as an associate at two big law firms in New York, NY. For the past nine years she has managed Davis Law Group, where she counsels and represents individuals and small businesses in litigation matters. 

In the past two years Attorney Ada has experienced loss and illness that has made her understand the importance of good estate planning, prompting a change in her business plan. “As one who has lived in the aftermath of both a death and illness where these documents were not in place, I know all too well the pain of navigating life without them. If these trainings can spare even one family from the uncertainty, stress, and costs my family had to endure it is absolutely worth it.” 

With engaging stories, real life examples, and legal know-how Attorney Ada A. Davis creates a learning environment that is engaging and informative.

Help us help you!

Davis Law Office is passionate about helping you transform your family's future. Contact us now to get started creating a legacy you can be proud of.

As we call it...Legacy Planning

What's the difference? Estate planning is about documents. Legacy Planning, on the other hand, is about your love for your family, your desire to create a future that is bigger than yourself, and creating more meaningful relationships and intentional lives.

The best estate planning is more akin to creating a vision board then a legal document. 

Your plan to protect your family should inspire you, not stress you out. Many people don't do estate planning because the focus is on dying. Yes, everyone dies, but no one wants to think about it.

Legacy Planning doesn't require it. Legacy Planning focuses on your dream for your family. What would you create for them if you could? What do you see when you imagine their lives forty years down the road? Everyone has a dream for their family.  


Ada Davis is amazing! I've attended one of her presentations. She's passionate about her work, very personable, and gifted in her profession. She's a rare jewel who will not disappoint!

L. Ellis, Webinar Participant

Ada Davis' process is so thorough that I am realizing that many of the things I thought were in place had gaps. Double check your docs, extra money to Uncle Sam!!

L. Brown, Estate Planning Client

ATTY Davis  is amazing, she is knowledgeable, dependable and committed to her clients. Add to that her high standard  of integrity and work ethic. 

Jeanne Garroway

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